Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

Embark on an exciting adventure with our off-road Jeep Safari. Our experienced drivers will take you through rugged terrain, showcasing the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. Get ready for an adrenaline rush as our sturdy jeeps conquer steep inclines, rocky landscapes, and thrilling water crossings. Discover scenic routes, iconic landmarks, and hidden treasures along the way. Keep an eye out for wildlife encounters and capture stunning photos of the landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the local culture, engage with communities, and customize your safari experience with our various packages. Book now for an unforgettable off-road adventure with our Jeep Safari.

Embark on an unforgettable desert adventure - Book your Jeep Safari today!

Jeep Safari 3500 INR 30mins (4-6pax) Sunset or Sunrise)

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Services Price Duration Comment
Camel Safari  500 INR 20-30 Minutes Sunset or Sunrise
Jeep Safari 3500 INR 30mins (4-6pax) Sunset or Sunrise)
Parasailing 1000 INR 10-15 Minutes  Per Person
Quad Bike 2000 INR 10-15 Minutes Twin Sharing
Hot Air Ballon 4000 INR 10-15 Minutes  Per Person
Paramototring 3500 INR 10-15 Minutes Per Person
Local Transportation 2200 INR Sedan Car Campsite pick and drop
Full day Sedan Car 3300 INR 300kms  
Innova Car 4000 INR   Campsite Pick and Drop
Innova Car 6000 INR 300kms Full day
Guide Services 600 INR City Tour
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