Jaisalmer in December: 15 Must-Visit Winter Wonderland Spots

Exploring the Golden Sands of Time: Golden Fort
April 23, 2024

Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, often referred to as the “Golden City,” shines like a jewel in the crown of Rajasthan. The jaisalmer city these things to do in jaisalmer in december  golden sandstone architecture, vibrant culture, and sprawling dunes make it a must-visit destination, even in the sweltering summer months. While the temperatures may soar, the allure of Jaisalmer in winter remains undiminished. Whether you’re seeking adventure or a tranquil escape, this guide will walk you through 15  places to visit in jaisalmer in december ensuring you experience the best this desert wonderland has to offer. And for the ultimate desert experience, don’t miss out on staying at the Desert Dream Royal Camp.

1. Jaisalmer Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, jaisalmer in december  is an architectural marvel. Known locally as Sonar Quila, this massive fort made of yellow sandstone seems to rise from the best desert camp in jaisalmer sands. Explore its narrow lanes, ancient havelis, and bustling markets to get a true feel of the city’s history and culture best things to do in jaisalmer in december 

2. Patwon Ki Haveli

This cluster of five places to visit in jaisalmer in december havelis is renowned for its intricate carvings and extensive mirror work. As the oldest and largest haveli in Jaisalmer, it provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the erstwhile wealthy merchants

3. Sam Sand Dunes

No trip to jaisalmer in december is complete without a visit to the Sam Sand Dunes places to visit in jaisalmer in december  thrill of a camel safari, witness the mesmerizing sunset over the jaisalmer in winter and enjoy traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance performances with best things to do in jaisalmer in december 

4. Gadisar Lake

An oasis is Gadisar Lake was built in the 14th century and serves as a serene spot for picnics and boating. Surrounded by temples and ghats, the lake is a peaceful retreat from the bustling city in of jaisalmer in december

5. Desert National Park

Things to do in jaisalmer in december to an array of wildlife, including the Great Indian Bustard, Desert National Park offers a unique opportunity to explore the Opt for a jeep safari to fully experience the flora and fauna of this arid regions is the places to visit in jaisalmer in december

6. Kuldhara Village

Places to visit in jaisalmer in december  the abandoned village of Kuldhara, shrouded in mystery and legend. Once a prosperous village, it was suddenly  by its inhabitants centuries ago. The eerie silence and well-preserved ruins make it a fascinating site with best things to do in jaisalmer in december 

7. Bada Bagh

This royal cenotaph complex is a tranquil spot where you can see the chhatris of jaisalmer in decembererst while rulers. The site offers stunning views, especially at sunrise and sunset.

8. Jain Temples

Located within the Jaisalmer Fort, the Jain Temples are known for their exquisite architecture and intricate carvings. These places to visit in jaisalmer in december dating back to the 12th and 15th centuries, are dedicated to various Jain Tirthankaras.

9. Thar Heritage Museum

Jaisalmer in winter deeper into the culture and history of Jaisalmer, visit the Thar Heritage Museum. It showcases artifacts, textiles, utensils, and fossils that tell the story of the region’s rich past.

10. Amar Sagar Lake

Another beautiful lake near Jaisalmer, Amar Sagar Lake, is surrounded by temples and pavilions. It’s a great spot for photography and enjoying a quiet moment by the water is the amazing places to visit in jaisalmer in december

11. Salim Singh Ki Haveli

Places to visit in jaisalmer in december Known for its distinctive architecture, Salim Singh Ki Haveli has a unique peacock-shaped roof and beautifully arched balconies. It offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of its original owners.

12. Nathmal Ki Haveli

This haveli is famous for its blend of Islamic and Rajputana architecture. With its intricately carved facades and elephant sculptures, Nathmal Ki Haveli is a testament to the craftsmanship of the bygone era.

13. Khaba Fort

An offbeat attraction, Khaba Fort is an ancient structure with ruins of homes and streets nearby. It’s less crowded, making it a perfect spot for those looking to explore best things to do in jaisalmer in december 

14. Tazia Tower

This five-storied structure, resembling a tazia (replica of mausoleum), is a beautiful example of Muslim architecture in Jaisalmer. Each floor of the tower has a unique design and is worth exploring.

15. Desert Dream Royal Camp

For an unforgettable experience, stay at the jaisalmer in winter atDesert Dream Royal Camp. Located near the Sam Sand Dunes, this camp offers luxurious tents with modern amenities, traditional Rajasthani cuisine, and things to do in jaisalmer in december to host of activities such as camel safaris and cultural performances. It’s places to visit in  jaisalmer in december  the perfect base for exploring the enjoying the starlit sky.

Things to Do in Jaisalmer in Winter

Despite the heat, there are plenty of things to do in jaisalmer in december   Early mornings and late evenings are places to visit in jaisalmer in december  ideal times for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Spend your afternoons exploring the city’s indoor attractions, such as museums and havelis, or relaxing by the pool at your hotel. Engage in camel or jeep safaris in the cooler hours, and don’t miss the vibrant cultural performances that bring the things to do in jaisalmer in december nights to life in month jaisalmer in december


Jaisalmer in winter is a destination that offers a blend things to do in jaisalmer in december   culture, and adventure. From its magnificent forts and havelis to the expansive sand dunes and tranquil lakes, there’s no shortage of places to visit in jaisalmer in december  Ensure you make the most of your trip by staying at Desert Dream Royal Camp, the jaisalmer in winter for an authentic experience. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a safari or the tranquility of a sunset over the dunes, Jaisalmer promises an unforgettable summer escapade.

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